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Japanese Sake Brewery in Ohtsuchi Village, Tohoku


Akabu Shuzo Co, is a Japanese Sake brewery which started in Ohtsuchi village in 1896. Their most popular product, “the Hamamusume”浜娘 is considered as the local favorite, loved by multiple generations of the Ohtsuchi villagers. The LIQUOR SWEETS series is another line of products with aims to popularize their Sake with a fruity flavor. This sweet sake has flavors ranging from fresh milk to mountain grapes of Iwate prefecture.

Story towards Reconstruction

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The Loss

When the earthquake shook the ground on March 11th, Mr. Furudate was close to the port. Since the earthquake was quite big, he ran to the distillation factory away from the coast. People were screaming “Run, run, up the hill!” and so quickly he moved to the high lands away from the sea. On his way up, he would see houses being washed away from the tsunami. He was able to reunite with his family later after walking one hour and a half from the evacuation shelter. Even though, he lost his home, distillation factory, and office, “Thank god, we are okay.” he thought.

The Fire

Soon, fire was spotted in various parts of the village spreading quickly with the flow of water. The fire continued to persist throughout the day because all fire extinguishing facilities were destroyed. Mr. Furudate and others had waited and waited but no rescue had come to the village. People were worried that the fire would eventually reach the high lands and the evacuation shelter. Mr. Furudate soon collected all the gasoline he could and decided to drive to the city of Morioka to notify the City Hall of their existence. However, once he arrived in Morioka, he instead visited NHK (Japan's public servicebroadcaster) to report their situation at Ohtsuchi. Due to these efforts, the Self-Defense forces arrived at Ohtsuchi to extinguish the fire and provide emergency goods to the evacuation shelter.

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◆Office, factory, etc.
      <Sake Brewery, Akabu>
    • Factory: fully-destroyed
    • Office: fully-destroyed
    • Home: fully-destroyed
      <Ohtsuchi Village>
    • Dead and missing: 1384 (Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15)
    • Destroyed buildings(partially+fully): 3677 (Soure: same as above)
    • Population: about 15 thousands, Households: about 57 hundreds (Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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