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From folksy Japanese restaurant to kitchen car


“Hamayui” is a folksy Japanese restaurant, which uses a lot of Kamaishi City’s local ingredients to cook Japanese home-made food. The most popular dish is a set menu made of fresh fish selected every day
by Mr. Mitsuzuka, the shopkeeper, who is also working as a fish dealer. Besides fish, they also focus on local vegetables. The restaurant’s set menu changes every day. From 3 years ago when the restaurant was opened until March 11th, 2011, the menu was changed more than 600 times. The local people, tourists and businesses men are all quite satisfied with this restaurant.

Story towards Reconstruction

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When the earthquake happened

By chance, in the morning of March 11th, the day when the earthquake happened, Mr. Mitsuduka said to his family members, “Maybe a huge earthquake will hit the area sometime soon.” Mr. Mitsuduka went to Tokyo 2 days before the earthquake. On that day, there was an earthquake in Tohoku area and tsunami advisory was given. He was very upset about that. When he went back home, he searched earthquake cycle in the past on the internet. Then, he found that the seismic degree was becoming stronger and the epicenters were becoming more concentrated. Consequently, he felt that there would be a bigger earthquake sometime soon . So he told his family members to be more careful.

Unfortunately, his assumption became true. But thanks to his warning, his family members were all fine. However, the tsunami reached further inland than he expected. After the earthquake, Mr. Mitsuduka immediately closed Kamaishi seafood business union office, which is located at the fish market close to the sea, and drove towards Hamayui restaurant. He thought, since his restaurant was a little far away from the harbor, it should be no problem. So he escaped to the high ground with his wife without bringing anything. However, the tsunami was much stronger than he expected. At the high ground, he saw the tsunami sweep through the whole city. His restaurant, working place (at the fish market) and his house were all washed away.

If you click the figure shown right. You can see how the factors around the enterprise are changing and affecting each other th
◆Office, factory, etc.
    • Shop:fully-destroyed
    • Market:fully-destroyed
    • Own house:fully-destroyed
      <Kamaishi City>
    • Dead and missing:1091(Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15,2011)
    • Destroyed buildings(partially+fully): 3627(Soure: same as above)
    • Population: about 40 thousands,Households: about 16 thousands(Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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