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Dear readers around the world,
   On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake & tsunami struck the Tohoku Area of Japan. The people there suffered tremendous damage from this natural calamity. Reconstruction will be a long and treacherous process.
   We, as students studying in Tokyo, wondered what we could do for the people that were affected. After visiting the area several times, we decided to build this website—“Saving the Taste of Tohoku”, with an aim of telling the story of recovery, especially the people's great perseverance and enduring effort. We also made sure to introduce the delicious seafood of the region that the local people have great pride in.
   The encouragement from all over the world has been extremely supportive. We hope that this website can provide a glimpse into the great culture in Tohoku and prompt you to visit the area in the near future. Thank you very much!
                                                                                          "Saving the Taste of Tohoku" Project
Story towards Reconstruction
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2012 Mar. 16. Web page updated!
2011 Oct. 20. Story on Akabu released
2011 Oct. 20. Web page launched

About The Website
Many industries have suffered from the devastating disaster on March 11th. Our website tells the stories behind a number of local enterprises on the destruction and on the recovery. Efforts to recover the loss have only started and it will take at least two to three years. Slowly, but surely, those affected enterprises will work towards restoration. Your continuous encouragement/support could keep them highly motivated.
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