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Seafood Processing in Kamaishi City

Kikutsuru Corporation

Kikutsuru Corporation, established in the Taisho period (1920s), is a seafood processing company. The company’s special sauce and seafood processing method add superb flavor to its products. Kikutsuru Corporation also sells products directly or via mail order and the “Yamitsuki Sanma”, dried saury with the taste of soy sauce and sweet cooking rice wine, is the leading product attracting many fans.

Story towards Reconstruction

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The survivors and hope

Professor Genda, a specialist on studies of “hope-ology” from the University of Tokyo states, “In the town of Kamaishi, there is vivid hope.” This reminded us of the words that Ms. Kikuchiused, at our previous interview in mid-July. “We need to consider challenges as opportunities.” Four months ago she and her car were caught by the tsunami, but she escaped miraculously from the back of the car. A news reporter was filming her flight, and it was featured on the nationally broadcasted news. (Video on YouTube)“I was just lucky to survive the tsunami.” she says. All employees were safe except for one of the employee’s wife. Her house, and her factory were completely destroyed but Ms. Kikuchi stays positive. “I wish to restore my business, because my shop and my people still remain.” she says. However, the loss of Kamaishi town’s seafood industry is estimated at 22.5 billion yen. Parts of the town hall were damaged and currently the Disaster Emergency Headquarter is located in Sea Plaza Kamaishi, a local shopping center located in front of the Kamaishi train station. “A wish for something coming true by action.” as professor Genda defines in his theory, Ms. Kikuchi must confront and overcome obstacles to restore her business.

If you click the figure shown right. You can see how the factors around the enterprise are changing and affecting each other through time. (To be prepared)
◆Office, factory, etc.
      <Kikutsuru Coporation>
    • Shop at "Sun Fish", the market(Retail):Seawater came up to floorboards
    • Shop at "Sea Plaza", the market(Retail):blackout
    • Factory: fully-destroyed
    • Home: fully-destroyed
      <Kamaishi City>
    • Dead and missing:1091 (Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15)
    • Destroyed buildings(partially+fully):3627 (Soure: same as above)
    • Population: about 40 thousands, Households: about 16 thousands (Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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