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A restaurant providing dishes made from local fresh seafood at Yamada town

Restaurant Migoto,“Fantastic”

Migoto, “Fantasitic”, is a restaurant which provides dishes made from local fresh seafood at Yamada town, Iwate Pref. (“Migoto” has the same pronunciation as “Fantastic” in Japanese.) It has more than 100 recipes, including Japanese food, western food and Chinese food. The latest popular food are sea urchin bowls, and fried oysters. The shop keeper’s, Mr. Osugi, gives people the impression of a gentle smile and a spirit of service. Yet he also has a different side as the chief executive of Tourist Association of Yamada Town.

Story towards Reconstruction

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March 11, 2011, at 14:46

When the earthquake happened, Mr. Osugi was in the neighboring Miyako City. Then, he made a detour back to Yamada Town to avoid blocked roads. When he arrived, he saw the messy situation of the town caused by the tsunami. Then, he zigzagged through the space of water and rubble to go to the town centre. At there, he clearly knew that the restaurant was washed away. Afterwards, he went to a nearby supermarket. There were people who were sheltering and people who were saved in the tsunami there. They encouraged each other. Since a fire was coming to the town, they all moved to Yamada Elementary School to take refuge. Luckily, since Mr. Osugi’s own house is located in inland, it was not damaged.

The family members

On the day of the earthquake and tsunami, all the family members were working in the restaurant except one person. Even though the intuition told him that all the family members escaped, he was quite worried about them. Then on the second day, he searched in the rubble for the whole day. But he failed to find them. In the evening, they finally found the left family members. They were at the evacuation place and didn’t come back to their house, where they all live together, for the fear of aftershocks. All the family members were fine. However, their restaurant, which was built three years before with a big amount of borrowed money, was moved about 200 meters away from its original place. It was stuck in Japan Railway Yamada Line, and was burnt up in the fire happened on the third day.

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◆Office, own house, etc.
      <Restaurant Migoto>
    • Shop:fully-destroyed
    • Own house:no damage
      <Yamada Town>
    • Dead and missing: 819 (Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15th,2011)
    • Destroyed buildings (partially+fully): 3184 (Soure: same as above)
    • Population: about 17 thousdans, Households: about 66 hundreds (Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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