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Sanebane Honpo

Sanebane Honpo is a food processing company which produces and retails “Mottainai” products made of unused parts of seafood that are usually disposed during processing. The "salmon guts (salty taste)" which was awarded the jury's special prize from Iwate prefectural seafood contest, and grilled pork giblets are the most renowned products. Also, organic vegetables, Morioka noodles, Ja-ja noodles andsports drinks are produced by them and widely sold in the market.

Story towards Reconstruction

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Challenge to the crisis

The first floor of the factory, rented in Miyako, was seriously affected by the tsunami and all the facilities were washed away. Much of the frozen products were ruined but some remained in the freezers survived at the second floor, and they were finally delivered safely to Morioka, where they have the other facility, after the traffic control was lifted. Since Sanebane Honpo relies so much on the “Mottainai” seafood products, they were threatened by the devastating damage on fishery. However, meat and vegetable production chain was safe and continued to sell in after March 11. Taking advantage of their multi-hub production, Sanebane Honpo is advancing forward for the full restoration.

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◆Office, factory, etc.

      <Sanebane Honpo>
    • Factory and Office in Miyako city: Fully-destroyed
    • Factory in Morioka:No serious damage
      <Miyako City>
    • Dead and missing: 1384 (Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15)
    • Destroyed buildings(partially+fully): 4675 (Soure: same as above)
    • Population: about 60 thousands, Households: about 23 thousands (Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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