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Smoked Oyster in Olive Oil

Yamada Kaki-Boy

"Yamada Kaki-Boy" ("Kaki" is a Japanese word meaning Oyster) is a delicacy of smoked oyster marinated in olive oil produced by Mr. Sasaki, a fisherman who has been cultivating oysters for a long time in Yamada. "Yamada Kaki-Boy" has many loyal customers. After 6 months passed since Yamada town was hit by Tsunami. He started producing "Yamada Kaki Boy" again in Hanamaki city inland.

Story towards Reconstruction

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When Tsunami came

Right after the earthquake on March 11th, 2011, Mr. Sasaki was sure that a tsunami would soon follow and called for employees in his factory to escape. However, the dedicated employees continued working, ensuring that they properly freeze the packages containing the food product before they evacuated. Mr. Sasaki himself was also busy making sure that all the fires in fire-using machinery were put out. "Everything was washed away at last, though", Mr. Sasaki said with bitter smile, in the aftermath of the disaster. Mr. Sasaki recalled that he only realized that the disaster would be worse than he initially imagined when water got to his calves while he was checking the fire. When an employee came back to take his car after evacuating the factory, Mr. Sasaki managed to dissuade him just in time before seawater overflowed the nearby dike. Fortunately, Mr. Sasaki and his employee managed to escape to high ground. However, every part of factory, with the exception of its foundation was washed away. Mr. Sasaki found himself then with nothing left except the keys to his factory and the keys to his house –both of which were completely destroyed by the tsunami.

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◆Shop, factory, etc.
      <Yamada Kaki-Boy>
    • Factory:fully-destroyed
    • Own house:fully-destroyed
    • Boats:washed away
      <Yamada Town>
    • Dead and missing:819人 (Source:Iwate Pref, Sept.15,2011)
    • Destroyed buildings(partially+fully):3184 (Soure: same as above)
    • Population:about 17 thousands, Households: about 66 hundreds (Source:Cabinet Office, 2011)
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